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Community Spotlight – June 2021


Meet local photographer, Maya Peroune, a 2021 graduate of Shaker Heights High School.  While you may not know her personally, chances are that if you have been to the Van Aken District (VAD) recently, there is a good chance you have seen her work.  Two of her photographs, Midnight, and, Rebirth 1969, are displayed inside the Van Aken Market Hall.  Peroune herself visits the VAD multiple times per week.  She finds the environment to be great for completing her work as well as being a welcoming hang-out for her and her friends.  Peroune has a number of projects lined up this summer including a documentary series she will be working with VAD’s AO on that will focus on Shaker Heights.

Here are some fun facts and tidbits about the local artist:

  • Age she become serious about photography: 13
  • Inspiration for her work: movies, particularly documentaries, tv shows, and cartoons
  • Other notable projects: Co-shot the film, East Cleveland: A Tale of Two Cities
  • Favorite VAD destinations: Mitchell’s and Cliqee Nail Bar

To keep up with Peroune and her work, she can be found on her website and on Instagram: @maya_cp1

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