September 13, 2023

Discovering the Vibrant Culture of the Van Aken District: A Journey With Sha’Ran Studios

In our latest Faces of the District episode, we met with the artistic director of Sha’Ran Studios, Sha’Ran Marshall. Sha’Ran Studios is located inside Christ Episcopal Church. Nestled on the East side of Warrensville, across from Shaker Rocks, she shares her love of movement and dance, starting with 3 year olds all the way to adult classes. You can often find her outside the studio offering performance opportunities to her students throughout the district from the Memorial Day Parade to Juneteenth and numerous events all year long.

The Beginning of Sha’Ran Studios

As a native of Cleveland Heights, OH, she has found her love for Northeast Ohio and made it her mission to contribute to the positive community. 

Initially, Sha’Ran was drawn to the Van Aken area after hearing about a space that became available back in 2019. Since then, Sha’Ran Studios has flourished in its location inside Christ Episcopal Church, just across the street from the bustling Van Aken Market District. 

Making Memories at the Van Aken District

One of the aspects that keep Sha’Ran coming back to the district is the food. She is a self-proclaimed food lover, and the district offers a diverse array of restaurants that cater to every budget. Sha’Ran’s also enjoys going to her favorite spot near Ellie May’s Cookies, where she can relax, do some work, or take some selfies. 

It’s not just the food and scenery that make the Van Aken District special to Sha’Ran. She emphasized that the sense of community, family, and culture in Shaker Heights is unique in a way that will encourage visitors to keep coming back. Sha’Ran regularly brings her kids, dance students, and colleagues to experience the charm of the district. 

Sha’Ran Studios’ Impact in the Shaker Heights Community

Sha’Ran Studios has been fortunate to spread the joy and love of dance to the people of Shaker Heights on multiple occasions. The studio has become an integral part of the community, connecting with people of all ages and backgrounds. The rich tapestry of diverse cultures converges in this one spot, providing endless opportunities for sharing stories, experiences, and building connections.

At Sha’Ran Studios, there’s something for everyone. Offering classes in fitness, dance, health, and wellness for all ages, from three year olds to seasoned dancers, Sha’Ran ensures that age is never a barrier to joining the community. It’s a place where passion meets talent and where people can immerse themselves in the beauty of movement and creativity. 


We invite you all to explore the Van Aken District and discover the hidden gems that make it a cultural hub in Shaker Heights. Whether you’re indulging in delectable cuisines, enjoying the picturesque scenery, or attending classes at Sha’Ran Studios, you’ll undoubtedly be captivated by the warm embrace of this unique community.

Learn more about Sha’Ran Marshall and Sha’Ran Studios here.

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